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This is breadedEscalope functional art collective, located in Vienna - Austria, founded in 2008 as platform for experimental design thinking by
Sascha Mikel
Martin Schnabl
Michael Moser (Tatschl)

Work is devided in self initiated projects, exhibitions, teaching, workshops, talks, commissions.
All enquiries: Mag. Gernot Sklenofsky
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+43 650 6471741

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interior design & corporate installations via our partner: www.be-studio.at

Teaching & Lectures

NDU St.Pölten 
Triale Institute Gleinalm, Styria
Social Design Studio, Die Angewandte Vienna
FHNW Basel – Hyperwerk 
FHNW Basel – Industrial Design
ENSAD Saint Etienne
TU Graz
Kingston University London


Full list of exhibitions / performances / workshops / other activities


Catalogue about breadedEscalope "Keil & Kübel" (2015, 265 pages)