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Performance 2010
Material: Bioresin
Products: Shakin` Clock, Shakin` Box, Shakin` Grip Shakin` Plate, Shakin` Handle, Shakin` Ashtray

Adolfo Gallo campeon latinoamericano trago largo 1978

Shakin'Products is a project that adapts the environment of a bartender to stage a design process.

Resin in bottles is drawn into moulds via dispensers. In order to cure the resin, one needs to shake the form for one  to two minutes.
Due to shaking, hollow objects evolve, which allows to attach clockworks for clock-objects or joints for storage objects.
It is a process between hand-crafted manufacturing and performance art.
Even though the process uses fundamentally the same principles which are applied in industrial mass production, bE produce each individual piece on demand and at low energy processing in an unusual environment. The mobile workshop becomes a product- bar where people can order freshly shaken objects like the shakin'clock, shakin'ashtray and so on.

Manual of the process

Materials & Objectsshakin products setup


Trial and error

clip: daniel hosenberger

building objects out of clay; making moulds; building the mobile production bar (pic: Eva Engelbert)



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