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The technology of steam-bending wood is known since centuries but only got to a broader consideration when Michael Thonet patented a refined method for making bentwood furniture in 1856. It was a cornerstone in the ways of furniture processing and logistics. Whilst Thonet visualised the flexibility of his revolutionary system by storing 36 disjointed No.14 chairs for shipping inside a 1m³ box; breadedEscalope developed a 0.72m³ box that embodies an entire steam-bending workshop to be shipped to any place around the world.

Thonet, 36 chair in 1m³                                                                         bE, steambending workshop in a flightcase, 0,72m³

Love Me Bender deals with the process of steam-bending materials and entire objects. The
applied technique aims to simplify industrial methods to suit the spirit of a growing
DIY – community. Usual household equipment like kettles, cooking plates, or hosepipes turn into production machinery. An industrial process is reduced in its scale and complexity to be emulated in a domestic environment.

BE uses primarily discarded items as starting point / skeleton for refurbishment and explorations. The process revitalises worn out furniture to give it a second life and new purpose. At the same time it visualises the contrast between handcraft and cheap mass produced items.

Love me Bender is an ongoing experiment, partially carried out in live performances in order to involve the public in the discovery of new ways, solutions and objects.





Love Me Bender 1 @ MAK, Wien, 26th of October 2011

During the MAK bending performance the "Erlkönig" evolved. A Monoblock Chair in a beech wood frame becomes a unique rocking chair.

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Love Me Bender 2 @ Przetwory, Warszawa, 10. & 11.12.2011

(1)  Teakettles on hotplates, producing steam whilst cooking tea and sausages; (2)  Steam enters the pipes which hold the wood and heat up the house at the same time;  (3)  The steam heated tea house acts as shelter and meeting point for the workers; (4)  every thirty minutes, steamed wood can be taken from the steaming pipes to be bent with the help of wheels on the workbench; (5)  the bend wood is assembled on pieces of old furniture to become the "warsaw wing"

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Love Me Bender 3 @ Stilwerk Limited Editions Design Gallery, Vienna, 15.02.2012

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Coming up: Love Me Bender 4