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Original Stool

A process of place and time; uses landscape as a crucial part of the formative process; 

The “Original Stools” are produced in an unique process which is based on interaction & serendipity. The objects are manufactured with a solid hollow orb, housing a flexible silicone mould of the Stool. Resin is filled into the silicone form in the orb. Then, the orb is set in motion by simply roll it through the streets, down a slope, into white water etc. Since the orb is rolling in all directions, the resin coats the entire inner surface of the form whilst hardening. The flexible form “records” all influences from outside. Therefore, the shape of the outcome varies; depending on sort of landscape, the way it is handled, etc.
After a couple of minutes, the resin turns to from liquid to solid state & a unique shaped object is born. An “Original Stool” is always an unpredictable character that describes the capturing story of its evolution. Every single object is individual. They all have their own story and a place to be called their ‘home’. The carefully conceived, free-range kinetic process captures specific time & place by permitting the environment to provide the distinguishing characteristics for each piece. 
So far, more than 60 places got their own “Original Stools”, made by the people & their environment.


Equipment for the process:
- apx. 65cm orb (serval layers of FRP, moulded by hand)
- negativ silicone form of a stool
- PU - resign, additive color pigments
- closing lid

The process:

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