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Limited edition of 3 Prototypes
Exhibition contribution: Phänomen Ikea, at the Imperial furniture collection museum, Vienna;
Commissioned by: Hofmobiliendepot Vienna
Curated by: Markus Laumann
Dimension: varies
Material: Ikea spot “LAGRA“, Ikea ceiling light “Lunta“, Cable ties

The ceiling light “Lunta“ is one of Ikeas classics and bestsellers.The simple conical form is integrable in nearly every kind of Space.The revision bursts this mainstream aesthetic and changes the figurative intention into its opposites. 12 longitudinal cuts split the metal-cone into same sized sections.These segments are then bent into soft, baroque shapes, which unfold to a conspicuous chandelier.
4 “LAGRA“ spots serve as additional light sources.The industrial perfection is deconstructed and yields to a series of individual items with personalized shaping.

explode the røhre



the røhrebombs in exhibition (Photo by Fidel Peugeot / WalkingChair)